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A place you can both agree on.Parents

The safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority.
As UC Santa Barbara’s premier housing provider, we take pride in our experienced and professional management team. The LOOP is much more than just a place to reside - but a place to meet people and interact; to play, study, and learn; to live a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a vibrant student community.

Peace of Mind: Our facility is conveniently located one block from the University of Santa Barbara Campus and directly across the street from two of the university’s largest lecture halls. While your students live at the LOOP, you can have peace of mind. The LOOP is a state of the art, clean and green home away from home. Read more about what the LOOP is doing for the wellness of our residents and for the health of the environment.

Academics: Because academics are the number one priority for our residents (and parents), we have provided a 24-hour study lounge at the LOOP. The fourth floor study lounge provides residents a quiet, private area to work and study, while our ocean-view rooftop lounge provides a more contemplative atmosphere.

Security: The LOOP is secured by a state-of-the-art radio frequency identification (RFID) security access system, and is monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras. The facility is also staffed by a full time live-in manager, and lobby attendants during normal business hours.
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