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Here’s to your health
LEED® Registered
The LOOP was designed by UCSB Environmental Studies alumni in partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and incorporates sustainable design elements and building practices that not only promote the health of the residents, but also that of the larger community and environment.
The paints, sealers and materials used inside the LOOP are all free of VOC’s (cancer-causing volatile organic compounds), which means the air is clean and pure. All cabinetry, flooring and coverings are formaldehyde free, so there is less risk of breathing in these nasty carcinogens. Units will stay warmer when it’s cold outside with high quality, dual paned, noise blocking windows and special phase change/temperature-moderating drywall.
When complete, the LOOP will be the only privately financed LEED® certified student housing development in Santa Barbara, Ventura, or San Luis Obispo Counties!

Our LEED® Certification is based on five categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Air Quality. Check out all the reasons why the LOOP is great for you—and great for the earth!

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+ Sustainable Sites
  • Permeable paving to reduce storm water runoff to the ocean.
  • Located within walking distance to variety of goods and services.
+ Water Efficiency
  • Water efficient fixtures and low-flow toilets throughout building.
  • Landscaped with species native to the Santa Barbara region, requiring minimal or no irrigation.
+ Energy & Atmosphere
  • Vegetated green roof keeps the building cool and absorbs storm water runoff.
  • Photovoltaic cells located on the roof generate power for the building.
  • Efficient LED lighting throughout building.
  • Energy-star rated appliances in every unit saves on electricity bills.
  • Car share vehicles exclusive for residents so you can leave the car at your parents’ house!
  • Temperature moderating phase change drywall provides insulation to keep apartments cooler or warmer depending on the temperature.
+ Materials & Resources
  • Use of recycled materials and local products wherever possible.
  • Old Monterey pine from site was recycled and its wood used in the building.
  • Maximum on-site recycling during construction.
+ Indoor Environmental Air Quality
  • Operable windows in every unit for maximum ventilation and abundant natural daylight.
  • Non-VOC paints and sealers used for clean and pure air.
  • Formaldehyde-free, modern cabinetry.
  • High quality dual paned noise and cold blocking windows.
Sprawl: Know the enemy
Recognition & Partners
Sprawling developments and tract homes kill open space and farmland, destroy native habitat, and create the need for more roads and longer commutes to work and basic services… contributing to CO2 pollution. The LOOP is an example of how we can combat sprawl: with mixed-use design and walkable communities that contain housing, stores, schools, and basic services all in the same neighborhood.
US Dept of Energy
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Energy Star
Isla Vista Redevelopment Agency
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