The Loop is the only LEED® certified student housing development in Santa Barbara. Meaning it’s great for you, your health — and the earth.
Landscaping utilizes species native to the region, requiring minimal or no irrigation. And permeable paving around the building reduces strom water runoff to the ocean.
Efficient LED lighting, energy-star appliances, water-efficient fixtures and low-flow toilets in every unit saves on utility bills.
The rooftop features vegetation to keep the building cool and absorb storm water runoof, as well as photovoltaic cells to generate power.
Our exclusive resident car share vehicles means that you can leave your car at home — reducing CO2 emissions.
Units stay warmer when it’s cold outside with high quality, dual paned, noise blocking windows.
A variety of recycled and local products were used in construction, including Old Monterery pine reclaimed from the building site.
The LOOP was designed by UCSB Environmental Studies alumni in partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to be Santa Barbara’s most modern, environmentally friendly student housing community.
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The Loop Isla Vista Apartments
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Isla Vista, CA 93117

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The Loop Isla Vista Apartments
The Loop Isla Vista Apartments

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